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Style Cure Day 3: Picking a Room

Style Cure Day 3‘s challenge is to pick the room that you would like to work on from the beginning. I knew from the start of this challenge that I wanted to tackle our “entry way / utility / laundry space / attic access” room. This is our side door entrance, but we use it as our main door.

While I can not fix that this is the spot that the cat box goes, or the fact that our attic stairs come down here, or even that our ugly furnace / water heater are here, I can add style to make it feel like a part of our home.

Entry view as you enter the doorway. There is a flat zone area below this which is where the washer and dryer is. The door opens to one step up which lead up to this area.

The black Ikea piece used to be in our living room, but we recently replaced it with a new piece, so it got transported to this space. I am not sure it is functional here, but I may try to make it work before gifting it to another place in the house and finding something that works better in the space.

Entry facing towards the doorway.

Right Wall of the entry way facing from the kitchen.

Entryway right wall. Kitchen cabinets and cat box zone.

Entryway left wall facing the kitchen.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • Add art, rug, design elements to make the space feel more incorporated into the home
  • Add functional storage for tools & supplies. Preferably storage that can be reached even when the attic stairs are down
  • Maybe move the cat box behind the attic stairs? I do not like it being in direct line of sight of the door, but it has to go somewhere, and that right wall would work better as storage. I thought about the enclosed furniture cat boxes, but with all the issues one of our cats has had, we really do not want to mess with this space too much.
  • Add an accent wall with a pattern/texture/or color
  • Add curtains to the window
  • Paint the back of the door?
  • Pretty up the furnace area? not even sure this is possible, but would be worth a shot
  • Add shelving over the washer & dryer? Eventually I want to upgrade to front loaders so we could have a shelf on top, but for now I think shelving above would be nice, even if I am not able to reach it.
  • Replace one of the can lights with a cool pendant light/chandelier?

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